The Secret that Forbes List Reveals About the Future of Wealth

There weren’t too many surprises as to who made the list of Forbes list of richest Americans.
Bill Gates is there. So is Warren Buffett.
A lot of the same names.
But there are some new Forbes list faces that reveal a trend that most readers might not see, especially as curent wealth trends are masked in the pessimism of the recent economic downturn.
The time it takes to start a billion-dollar company, or the time it takes become a billionaire has shortened drastically.
It took Warren Buffett decades to invest his way into a billionaire. Gates relatively zoomed there in a little over a decade with Microsoft.
Facebook, in the whole scheme of things, is a baby of a company. Just a few years old. It’s founder is already a billionaire, at least on paper. There are other billionaires who have made Forbes list in historically short times.
We have to look at the other side of the balance sheet, too. The list proves that companies are taking less and less capital to create.
Imagine what Andrew Carnegie went through to start his steel companies. Imagine pulling together investors and building the massive factories. Now, in some cases, it merely takes a decent web host.
What does this tell us about the future of wealth?
First, despite the economic gloom, the forces of exponential technological growth are continuing with little distraction. As technology grows, so must wealth. Wealth is inexorably tied to technology.
Second, we may only be seeing the first waves of wealth creation caused by exponential innovation.
What tsunami lies in store, we can only imagine.

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