Quantum Computing Gets Supercool

Quantum computing is supercool
It’s one thing to be cool.
But it’s another thing to be supercool enough for super computing. Like absolute zero supercool.
In another stunning step, a group of researchers at Yale University say they are using a new technique to reach that super-low temp.
By targetting strontium monofluoride (SrF) molecules from opposite directions with steady laser-delivered streams of photons, the team decreased the temperature significantly.
This is another pivotal step toward solving that “Goldilocks problem” or finding just the right sized atoms to use in the quest for quantum computing.
“It’s a kind of Goldilocks problem,” said Yale physicist David DeMille, who led the project. “Artificial atoms may prove too big and individual atoms may prove too small, but molecules made up of a few different atoms could be just right.”
The research is published in the journal Nature.

Read the whole story here.


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