Qbits and Qbiz: Writing the Quantum Computing Business Plan

Over the past couple months I’ve been helping to write a business plan for Artiste, a Quantum Computing software company…

And then re-writing it…

And then re-writing again…

Writing a business plan, or business plan summary, is always a challenge, but like everything in the quantum world, the QC business plan is a bit fuzzy.  There isn’t really a quantum computer available. And we’re creating software for it. Imagine the first propeller manufacturer looking for venture capital before the Kitty Hawk was still in the workshop and trying to convince those investors that that contraption was going to:

1) Fly

and 2) Create an industry that would easily produce a return on investment.

This is a similar situation. I believe that a quantum computer will eventually:

1) Fly… or at least compute

and 2) create an industry that will produce an amazing return on investment.

But, belief does not a business plan, make. The real benefit of the business plan isn’t necessarily the payoff of putting it in front of an investor, the real benefit is the research and the results of the research. It’s a discovery process no less important than product R and D.

Just a for instance: When I started the plan, I thought encryption and security are the big beneficiaries of quantum computing. While quantum computing will likely have an enormous effect in those areas, they are a drop in the bucket. I’m more convinced that industries–like medical, biotechnology, technology, and finance–that are thirsting for more computing power will turn the power of quantum computing into breakthroughs.

These are trillion-dollar industries today, folks, and producing an array of new technology with simple and super computing.

Imagine what they’ll be like when they are hooked up to the massive potential of quantum computing?


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