Quantum State Detection, Yet Another Quantum Leap

It’s almost becoming a cliche: quantum computing breakthrough.

But there’s been another one. This time, it’s from UC Santa Barbara.

Researchers there have combined laser light with trapped electrons to not only detect an electrons quantum state, but control it. Even more importantly, the technique does not erase the fragile quantum state of the electron.

This can pave the way for improved quantum computing and quantum teleportation over long distances.

Physicists use a thin diamond crystal and a laser light to trap and manipulate the quantum state.

The research was led by David Awschalom, professor of physics, electrical and computer engineering, and director of UCSB’s Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation, andg Bob Buckley, a grad student.

Buckley is optimistic that the technique will one day be exploited for exploiting the power of quantum computing.

“Diamond may someday become for a quantum computer what silicon is for digital computers today –– the building blocks of logic, memory, and communication. Our experiment provides a new tool to make that happen. “

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