One Small Step… New Quantum Software Available

Bob Tucci, who blogs at Quantum Bayesian Networks, announced another quantum software breakthrough.

He’s just released a paper on detailing a software that generates quantum circuits. The software is called QOperAv. (Think: Copper Ave.)

The resulting circuit, then, can be used to:

evaluate with polynomial efficiency the average of $f(A)$ for some simple (that is, computable with polynomial efficiency) function $f$ and a Hermitian operator $A$, provided that we know how to compile $\exp(iA)$ with polynomial efficiency.

This is actually the last in a series of papers that Bob has released this fall and are all steps toward creating the quantum computing software necessary to match the recent innovations of quantum computing hardware researchers, for instance: here and here.

From the outside, quantum computing may still seem faraway, but innovations like this are proving that the pieces are slowly rapidly falling into place.


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