Taming Multiple Particle Entanglement

Reigning in particles is the key to quantum computation.

So, it’s no surprise that most of the research being conducted is centered on entanglement. Here’s another interesting stab at solving the entanglement problem found on arxiv.org.

The researchers write that this is:

:an approach to characterize genuine multiparticle entanglement using appropriate approximations in the space of quantum states. This leads to a criterion for entanglement which can easily be calculated using semidefinite programming and improves all existing approaches significantly. Experimentally, it can also be evaluated when only some observables are measured. Furthermore, it results in a computable entanglement monotone for genuine multiparticle entanglement.

The researchers suggest that this approach will lead to an “exponentially improved noise robustness” compared to current methods.

Here’s the pdf for the research paper.


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