Quantum Computing Isn’t, Like, Rocket Surgery

Dammit, Smithers, this isn’t rocket science, it’s brain surgery!

–C. Montgomery Burns

Nobody ever said quantum computing was going to be easy.

Wait a minute. Someone did say quantum computing was easy–at least vastly easier compared to previous estimations on the complexity of QC.

Most people think that creating useful technology based on quantum mechanics is on the same order of magnitude as firing a ceramic Holy Grail or whittling the Ark of the Covenant out popsicle sticks.

A paper published at The Physical Review of Letters suggests that quantum computing may be easier than once thought because quantum computers can be built with a tremendous amount of redundancy. In fact, the data analysis theory allows “quantum computers to tolerate data error rates of almost 25 percent,” according to the paper.

Sean Barrett, lead author of the study and Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London says:

“Just as you can often tell what a word says when there are a few missing letters, or you can get the gist of a conversation on a badly connected phone line, we used this idea in our design for a quantum computer.”

(This sounds a lot like Shannon’s Communication Theory.)

It appears more and more that the QC era will be on us earlier than we  imagined. And this is yet one more example of the need for good QC software now. Another need is to match the financial support of venture capitalists with the creative genius of entrepreneurs to find ways to leverage the power of quantum computing.

You can read the actual paper here.


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