Big Blue Gets a Quantum Clue

IBM executives analyze new quantum computing hardware.

About, oh, let’s say, sixth months ago, I thought the biggest problem facing quantum computingwas the failure of “big money” to explore the potential of QC.

I am starting to believe that the QC big money glacier is starting to melt.

IBM announced its own five-year quantum computing project. (Note that the image used by PopSci is D-Wave’s QC technology, so IBM has some catching up to do.)

IBM is tapping experts from Yale and University of California-Santa Barbara’s quantum information programs to investigate the potential.

Does this mean we’ll have a quantum computer in five years? Not necessarily, but major firms rarely investigate technology unless it’s 1) possible and 2) lucrative. New research is unveiling the possibility of quantum technology. The business models will soon reveals its potential.

Quantum computing has long been at the fringe of serious research, but the IBM project, as well as Google’s testing of the QC waters is a sign that this attitude is changing.

It is actually be surprising how quickly the quantum computing community and industry ramps up.


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