Exploring Dark Information

The following is a rambling, vaguely though-out exploration of a concept that hit me while attending a seminar on future cosmology and after reading Vlatko Vedral’s Decoding Reality and Decoding the Universe by Charles Seife.

(There’s a lot of decoding going on in the science publishing world apparently…)

So, I’m fairly confident that, based on these two books, that matter, energy, and information are intimately woven together and that it won’t surprise me at all to find that information is the more primary of the three. As an example of this, check out how physicists have been able to transform information into energy.)

There’s also the similarity between the second law of thermodynamics and Shannon’s law of information.

But that only explains about 5 percent of the universe, according to cosmologists. About 95 percent of the visible universe is unaccounted for. Or, at least, it’s not normal matter and energy. Scientists call this missing stuff Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Which are horrible names. I think of Darth Vader instantly. Or, I just naturally think of dark energy as being the opposite form of energy and dark matter as the opposite of regular matter. I don’t think this is a correct way of visualizing what is probably not the opposite of anything, but a level of reality that is at a higher dimension than can be explained in our measly three-, possibly four-dimensions.

But scientists don’t get grants for naming things, so let’s press on.

Dark energy and matter are known for their homogeneity–it’s ubiquitous throughout the universe. Scientists also suggest that if exotic forms of matter and energy are the cause of the universe’s expansion, they must exert strong negative pressure.

If dark energy and dark matter exist, wouldn’t it follow that exotic forms of information exist, as well? In other words, does dark information exist?


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