The Birth of the Quantum Internet?

Researchers may have demonstrated a proof-of-concept for a quantum network.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) profs say they have shown how to entangle a quantum state stored in four spatially distinct atomic memories. They described the process in Nature.

I read about it at Eureka Alert.

The researchers also say that this can serve as “quantum interface between the atomic memories—which represent something akin to a computer “hard drive” for entanglement—and four beams of light, thereby enabling the four-fold entanglement to be distributed by photons across quantum networks. The research represents an important achievement in quantum information science by extending the coherent control of entanglement from two to multiple (four) spatially separated physical systems of matter and light.”

It’s important to understand the difference between a quantum logic gate is and a quantum network. Sometimes, quantum information terms are used interchangeably.

According to Quantiki, a quantum logic gate is a device which performs a fixed unitary operation on selected qubits in a fixed period of time and a quantum network is a device consisting of quantum logic gates whose computational steps are synchronised in time


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