Nano-diamonds Are A Quantum Computer’s Best Friend

You’re absolutely right. It was a horrible headline for this post.

It was corny and misleading.

Thank you. I try my best.

But it does appear that nano-diamonds just joined the list of contenders for QC hardware models. That list of QC bling is pretty long.

According to a release posted on EurekAlert:

Now, researchers in Germany have successfully fabricated a rudimentary quantum computing hybrid system using electronic excitations in nano-diamonds as qubits and optical nanostructures, so-called photonic crystals with tailored optical properties. This architecture may allow integration of multi-qubit systems on a single micrometer-sized chip for future quantum computers.

It’s not enough that quantum computing systems be theoretically possible. The rubber hits the road when a system can inexpensively scale up to attain the type of performance that will sustain quantum computation. That’s a different task entirely.

But, according to these researchers, nano-diamonds are promising.

“Our results suggest a strategy for scaling up quantum information to large-scale systems, which has yet to be done,” says Janik Wolters, researcher, at Humboldt Universität in Berlin. “We regard our experiment as a milestone on the long road toward on-chip integrated quantum information processing systems, bringing the dream of a quantum computer closer to reality.”

Hopefully, the researchers will be engaged in further research on nano-diamonds.

(I think when you need to bold key words in your joke setup, that it proves the joke is bound to fail.)


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