Another $2 Million for Quantum Computing Research

Quantum Computing is all about uncertainty.

But some funders are certain about how much of an impact quantum computing will have. In a few words: game changing.

A University of Georgia researcher was awarded a $2 million National Science Foundation grant to study quantum computing.

UGA Physicist Michael Geller has worked most of his career on quantum computers.

“Quantum computing promises to solve very specific but important problems,” said Geller, “and in doing so demonstrate a dramatic improvement over supercomputers currently in use. So far, quantum computing has just existed as a theoretical possibility. We believe it will be possible to build one, but we also know it will be extremely difficult. If one could be built, it would transform information technology.”

While teams worldwide are working on the design and potential construction of a quantum computer, the new NSF grant will put UGA in the thick of the race and involve the expertise of internationally recognized scientists, including Geller and his colleague in the department of physics and astronomy, Phillip Stancil, who also is a member of the UGA Center for Simulational Physics.

You can read the complete story here.


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